Hello my dear friends! 🙂 Another blog post has arrived and this time it`s going to be about baby products from the brand MIXA. If you haven`t heard of this brand then read on to know more.

MIXA is a caregiver, they do care about their consumers skin. These days our skin tends to be very sensitive and it`s important to take the right care of it otherwise you might see some breakouts, redness, itchiness and other signs that your skin might tell you. I`ve been using MIXA for a while now and my skin feels great! But this is not about me, this is about my baby and some products that I use for her.

First one I will talk about is gel for body&hair. It is soap free. Once or twice a week me and my husband put our baby girl in a bath. We don`t do it more often because we think that babies skin is so soft and tender and it doesn`t really need to be soaked that often. We do put her in a quick shower but bath is like a spa for her, it takes up to 20-30min. I really like to prepare everything correctly. I put the gel, shampoo, toys, bath towel, washing towel and cotton pads next to the bath so I can grab what I need at the time. It foams very well, doesn`t irriate her skin or mine (I tried it before I applied it on her) and washes off quickly. I like the fact that it doesn`t have a strong scent. Cool that it can be used for both hair and body.

Of course, I have to mention very mild micellar shampoo too. Her hair is not as thick as mine (not yet, hehe) so the washing is not needed every time. I wash her hair once or twice a month as she can`t get them dirty that easy. Foams well, smells tender and is easy to wash out. Cool thing about this product is that it is not that easy to open the bottle (Nina is at that age that she wants to open everything and to put everything in her mouth), this one is safe. It contains 250ml which is a pretty big amount for baby product, it will last a long time and that`s a bonus, hehe! This product as well as the previous one can be used for hair and body.

Overall, I am very happy about MIXA and the products they have. I have been very happy about the quality. I had to try them both because I was too excited to leave one of them on the shelf, hehe!

Have you ever used any baby MIXA products?

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