MIXA Skincare Routine

Hey ho, August! Summer is almost gone and I feel just a tiny bit upset about it because it means that the sunny days will fade away pretty quickly. Maybe I should try to get away to a warmer place to still get some sun, hehe. Anyway, Autumn does bring good vibes too – deep colors, cosy jumpers and loads of movie nights, at least it my house.

I couldn`t start my mornings and evenings without my skincare routine. I love everything that goes around skincare, I love good products that benefit my skin, I love to take care of my body and soul so this is the reason why I wash and pamper my face every single day. For a while now I have been using only MIXA products for cleansing and moisturizing my skin and I will be honest –  I think my skin has changed and feels/looks much better and healthier. I use these products both in the morning and evening.

First step is to take off my make-up or if that day I`m not wearing any then I will still use the Mixa Micellar Water to cleanse my skin from any dirt that my skin might have. Even if you think that your skin is clean I will tell you – it is NOT! When you leave your house your skin absorbs so many microbes and dirt that you can`t even see. Micellar Water is always the one product I go for when I have to cleanse my face from any make-up. This one is my help every day! Very easy to use – I use a cotton pad, apply tiny amount of the Micellar Water and then with light touches wipe off the make-up. Very easy to use and cleans the skin super fast.

Next step is to use Gentle Purifying Gel. I use this gel both in the morning and in the evening. The cool thing about it is that you don`t need a lot of it, just a small amount of the product and that`s it! It purifies the skin and removes all dirt. Consistency of this product is great because it is not too hard or too runny, easy to apply on the skin and with round motions cleanse the skin.

When the skin has been cleansed I always go for this Alcohol Free Purifying Lotion. This is one of the lotions that leave my skin without any irritations because some of the lotions I have used in the past have made my skin red and irritated. The cool thing is that it dries so quickly. I always use a cotton pad and then with a circular motion go all over my face (pad gets dry fast, heh).

Last step into my routine is to use the cream. For this part I`m using Moisturizing Cream. Creamy and very moisturizing. For a while now I have been in love using creams that are quite thick as I like to treat my skin and get the best possible results. This cream has medium thickness, it won`t drip down your face, heh! I like to use normal amount of it, apply it on all parts of my face and then again in a circular motion get it into my skin.

These are all four steps that I do every morning and evening. In total it takes me 5 to 10 minutes to do everything. Sometimes it might take a bit longer if I had a heavier make-up on but still these products cleanse my skin pretty fast. I feel pretty happy about the way that my skin feels after using these bad boys. As I said before – to achieve the best results you don`t need to use tons of the product, small amount will take you eventually there. Also, I am happy that this line has been made for people like me, hehe, by that I mean – people with sensitive skin. Takes away all the dirt, cleanses, tones and moisturizes without any irritation, what could be better? What about you – have you ever tried any of these products? For now I`m very happy and I am excited every time I have to take off my make-up and cleanse my skin, he!


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