Como, Italy – The Beautiful Village..


Wooh, I`m back again.. This time I`m writing from the sunny and beautiful Italy. Me and my family decided to go for a trip to country which is sunny, where the main food is pizza and pasta and sun shines basically all the time (except when it`s dark outside, hehe).

I received a message on Instagram with a suggestion to go and explore the beautiful city named Como. It is not that far from Milan where we are staying most of the time during out trip. We took a train (almost an hour long ride) from the central station. Very easy to get there, once you pop out of the station you can see that the little road will lead you to the Como center. As we do enjoy walking we walked.

Of course, my daughter Nina Alba came with us to Italy, this was her first trip to such warm country. She feels good, she smiles, she laughs and enjoys the time here. As a child she is very talkative and happy and enjoy company of people. We had to stop and take few photos as the light was brilliant and at that spot sun was hiding behind the buildings.

These small and narrow streets are just stunning. I said to my husband that I would be more than happy to have a house or a little apartment here in Como. These warm and sweet colors, happy people, sunny weather.. ohh, the list just goes on. And yes, yes, yes – we stopped again to take few good shots of this wall, haha! My husband knows how to get my good angles, I think that this is not the first time me mentioning this fact about him.

This is him.. My prince charming, always by my side. Always my strong shoulder that I can rely on. He has always been there for me, no matter what and I adore him for being here for me and with me. Now when we have a baby girl he seems to be even more cooler, hehe. I have read that guys change when they become dads, I don`t know why but I have to agree with that. He was awesome before too, don`t get me wrong but now he is just beyond Universe the BEST husband in the WORLD! His name is Nils and I am proud to wear his surname. I am proud to be his wife and to have him as my daughters father.

Okay, I think it`s time to talk about the look.. about how I looked, hehe and what I was wearing.

We came to Italy for 9 days and, of course, I couldn`t take my whole wardrobe with me so I took the pieces that I thought would be the best ones for such hot and sunny days. Eventually I run out of clothes, as they got dirty and we had to bring the laundry to the launderette, haha! I spotted this red, patterned dress in the local Zara. It cost me only 7,95eur and when I tried it on it fit me like a glove. My husband liked the look so I purchased it.

Straw hat was a must. I knew that before we come here I have to buy or order online a straw hat as I didn`t have one. I got this one from ASOS for a pretty decent price (13eur if I remember right). It came in a week and I was calm because I knew that one accessory that can save the day will definitely come with me. It looks pretty coold with a braid as well as with open hair, it depends of my mood, hehe! Today I went for a simple braid and a scrunchy.

The second favorite accessory for me is a wrist watch. This one is from Daniel Wellington and I adore it. It is small and feminine and looks great with every single outfit I wear. The cool thing about this one is that I can change the straps. This one is from fabric but at home I have the metallic one which I wear with some fancy outfits, hehe. It is not that often but when it happens I like to switch them.

Thank you COMO for being so awesome village. I know that one day we will come back to see more of you!

Photos by Nils Butēvics

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