The Secret Walk

Hey ho, readers! This happened actually today, this morning! Usually we go for our every day walkies in the center of Riga but this morning we wanted to go somewhere else, a little bit outside of Riga so we went to this very beautiful spot which is located in the woods – Lāčupītes Dendrārijs.

Of course, my buddies were my husband and daughter. Have to mention that Nina Alba was sleeping in the car while we were on the way and once we put her in the buggy her eyes were wide open and she was ready to explore. Nature is something incredible as you can hear loads of noises (birds, bugs, animals, bees etc. living creatures, hehe). I`m happy that here in Latvia we have such green and pretty places to go.

I have always talked about Nature and the things it brings to us. Exploring and learning.. these two words are very strong and we all should use them wisely. Exploring new places is something very useful, exploration opens a lot of doors. You can find new spots, new places where to go, meet new people and so on. Learning is something we do every day, doesn`t matter how old you are, you learn always and that just fascinates me. Every day I learn something new and later I can use this information to do and achieve something.

The comfiest outfit of today was black shorts, black sweater, tights and comfy shoes. This is the look that will always look good on any day. As you can see it was sunny and I got pretty hot very soon but in the shade it was okay like this. The road was bumpy but Nina enjoys her rides with a little bump, hehe.

Yes, the main reason why we went there was this little house that is located in the middle of the woods. I spotted this house on someones Instagram wall and I saved it so I wouldn`t forget about it. Today we went there and it felt magical. The sun was shining, nobody else was there, just my daughter and husband. Of course, I wanted him to take some shots of me near this cute little cabin.

Blooming trees, beautiful butterflies and bees. Nature creatures are incredible.

Thanks to my cool hubby for capturing all of these. I feel blessed to have him because he always catches the best angles of me, hehe. I guess we have a good team here!

Photos by Nils Butēvics



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