And another post has arrived.. It took me a while again but heeey – let`s be happy for it! Today I want to share few photos that my husband took a while ago when we went outside of Riga for our every day walkies with little Ni.

We live in Riga, which is a capital of Latvia. It is pretty noisy city so we do like to get out of it sometimes. We go for walks every single day and usually we take the same path which can get boring. As we have a 3 month old baby we don`t hang out for too long time as it is pretty cold in Latvia at the moment. This particular day we decided to go for a walk outside of Riga. We packed the stroller in the car and went to Ogre which is like 30 min from Riga. Easy and fast to get there.

We had our walk on the little square which is so adorable during winter time (I don`t know how it looks during summertime but now it is lovely). Lovely street with pretty buildings. While we were walking around I spotted this cute house. Of course, the pink tone caught my eye and we had to stop there and take few shots, hehe. That wouldn`t be me if we would have ignored it! Stopped and took few good ones, heh! My husband knows my good angles.

For the outfit I chose my white tulle dress which I actually wore for the second time, first was when I had the maternity photo shoot. I really love to have some statement pieces that can be useful in every situation! Do you own something like that? Something that can always save the day? On top I wore dotted jumper and then winter coat, scarf and gloves, just to be warm. As this day was pretty warm I left the hat at home.

I love fashion and everything that goes around it. I like to feel comfy but look good too, I don`t know  – maybe for some people it`s not that important but for me it is. If I feel confident in what I`m wearing then my day will definitely be amazing! And this day was great! A little close up of my outfit!

Matching my scarf with my daughters pram was a must, but I didn`t do it on purpose! It just happened and I love it! Yes, the same building, the same look, the same day, the same mood! In the end I have to say that it is nice to explore other cities, other places and be more aware of what`s around! I get bored easily of one place so getting out of Riga is like a dessert for me!

Photos by Nils Butēvics

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