Memories Of LeBump

Hello my dear readers! It has really been a long time (two months) since my last article and I will be honest – I was more capable of filming new video than writing a new post here. As a matter of a fact – I haven`t had time to have a proper photo shoot so today I will share some photos that I haven`t really posted anywhere. So enjoy!

I really loved the place where the photo shoot was held – in my hometown Valmiera, in a lovely restaurant which also is a concert hall! I have to admit – I loooooved this sofa, which was very comfortable and also had a cool color (need one like this in my house, hehe!).

This was my first time when I had a photo shoot in this kind of style – body art! It was a lovely experience because I wasn`t alone – little N was in my belly feeling every second of this moment. It was funny seeing my belly move when the MUA Laura applied the paint on my skin, we thought that the feeling of brush strokes tickled the baby so that was the reason why my tummy moved so much, hehe! I hope it felt good for Nina, he!

I just want to say big thanks to Laura and Liene (the photographer) for letting me experience this fun photo shoot and have these beautiful memories. It has been two months since the belly is gone and I have my daughter on my arms but looking back is lovely, gives me flashbacks of sweet times!


Make-Up by Laura Rozenstoka

Photos by Liene Daugule



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