Into The Wilderness

Hi my dear friends! Seconds, minutes, hours, days, months goes so fast… Time just ticks away without asking for a permission! I can`t believe that it is almost Christmas (okay, we still have a month and a half to go).. Needless to say that I am super excited as I always wait for this celebration with such a pride! I have no doubt that November will fly away as quickly as all the previous months did..

This was Thursday. Grey, not too cold or windy Thursday. To be honest, I love weather like this because then you can make the best photos.. light is calm and I feel the most comfortable letting my thoughts sail away.. I have managed to be calm before my life changes upside down as the little one is about to arrive. Actually, November is the due date month so yeah, fingers crossed for everything to go as planned!

As a kid I wouldn`t really enjoy the company of Fall because it would mean cold and windy weather, very often it would rain and be dark. Now when I`m older I have started to appreciate every season that we have here in Latvia. I can find something beautiful in each of them and try not to complain. Do you know what I mean? This Fall has started beautifully. All October was nice and sunny, almost without the rain.. and November is pretty close to October. It has become more colder so I have started to wear my sweet, cosy scarf and winter coat but I still enjoy these lovely Fall days out!

Dark lips and hats is just my passion that I guess will never fade away from me. The first day I tried on a hat in this style I fell in love. Hmm, I don`t want to sound arrogant but quite a lot of people have asked me where I buy my hats and that they suit me so well – thank you for these lovely words! Maybe this is why I feel even more comfortable wearing something on my head, hehe! I feel that wearing a hat as an accessory can give you the sharp look that sometimes might be missing.

Maybe some of you may be wondering why the name of this article is Into The Wilderness.. I came up with this name while I was doing little editing and I felt the Nature. I felt so close to it. I don`t know what has happened to me but greens, greys and whites makes me calm and pure, hehe! Also, I think I might watch the movie Into The Wild tonight, hehe, to bring out the wild side of me!

Guys! Enjoy every minute that you can! Enjoy every season as we can find something pretty in every little thing! Even if it`s a sunny day with blue skies.. That is something very pure and beautiful that can change your day from being bad to being amazing! Let`s enjoy what we have around us!

Photos by Nils Butēvics

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