I Miss My Hometown

Hi, my dearest readers! Feels good to be back so soon! Pretty often I`m late with new posts because my mind is somewhere else which I`m not very proud off but hey – here is something very true from me! Maybe my deep look will tell you how I feel.. Very thoughtful and full of good memories that my hometown brings me every time I come here. This time it felt a bit more serious..

I feel Fall every year and every year it comes with something very special and beautiful. This year it is so special because my daughter is on the way.. Coming to my hometown during this season feels amazing, I could feel hormones hitting inside of me and cheering up for the beautiful colors, for the warm afternoon sun.. for the lovely mood that I have been in since I`m here.. I missed this place so much and it feels so nice to be here in my house, in my old room, to be surrounded by my amazing mother who is super busy knitting cute things for our little one. I couldn`t ask for a better days at this place at this time.

Last couple of days have been just super warm and sunny so I wanted to use this time wisely and go to the old places where I used to hang out with my childhood friends. This was one of the spots where we would chill out and just chat about life. Of course, today was completely different. Me and my husband wandered around, he took some shots of me and bebe and we enjoyed this time together. My heart feels so grateful for every day that I have here, every minute that I can spend with my amazing husband who is also my personal photographer, hehe! Love you hubby!

Monday, 15th of October was a lovely day so for this day I went for my all time favorite look – black dress, colorful trench coat and a hat. I do feel very comfortable wearing hats, especially, this kind of hat, hehe. I was very thankful to the weatherman for the weather, there was no wind at all which I enjoyed, hehe! Usually there is a massive wind and it is pretty hard to wear this style of hat outside of the house.. But, I guess all the stars were just right for us.

Oh yes, guys! The bump is getting bigger and bigger. I had to use this time to come and visit my mum before the bebe is out of my tummy, hehe! We spent good times together, doing normal things, hehe. Shopping, having lunch and dinner together and watching silly TV programs. I love my mum and I am so thankful to her for bringing me into this big World! One day I will explain all this to my daughter, tell her how much I love her, how much she means to me and that every second matters.

For the end I want to say that, please, remember where you came from, where you used to belong and maybe still belong.. Remember how it used to feel to be a kid, to run around, to enjoy the warm Fall evenings doing silly things. All these memories are so meaningful to me, I cherish every one of them, even if some of them may be sad or disappointing, those are the ones that made me me. Visit your parents, visit your favorite childhood places and smile! Smile solves everything!

Photos by Nils Butēvics

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