I Want To Go To The Seaside

Good morning on this pretty windy Tuesday morning! I felt so inspirational when I woke up an hour ago that I decided  – it`s time for a new blog post. As this morning is very windy and cold then these pictures are perfect for catching the warm feelings that me and the photographer had when we went to the seaside.

Sea was very calm, the waves were peaceful and the wind wasn`t that strong and we had a chance to spend quite a while there. The beach was empty, like it was made for us! I have always been a big fan of NATURE, I feel good when I am close to the sea or woods, this time it was the water. I have to say that the little one felt it too because she was so calm while we were there, usually she is like a little battery that is awake for a long time.. here it was different, she felt the peace that was coming from the sea.

If you have been following me on this pregnancy journey then you know how special this feels for me and my husband. Of course, mostly I talk about myself but yes, we both are super excited and happy that soon she is going to be here, in our arms. For now I can feel her kicking and doing moves inside of me, hug her from outside with my hands and let her know that we really love her and she is the most beautiful baby that there will ever be (I guess all moms feel this way, hehe). I want her to know how special she is to me and that she will always be my little seed!

Maybe some may ask  – why this kind of outfit? I wanted these photos to turn out to be light like a feather, filled with calmness, love, no pressure and just beautiful thoughts. When I was going through my wardrobe I knew that this tulle dress will be the one to make this special. I added knitted cardigan that my mum made for me and as an accessory my cousin made me this cute crown that was made out of simple things – some greens and white, little flowers. I knew that all together this would be a sweet look!

Every day I feel that the magical day is coming closer and closer.. and to be honest, I don`t feel scared anymore. If all the previous weeks I was feeling scared and stressed then now I feel calm and pretty ready for the big day. So as much time as I have left I try to use wisely, for example, doing the laundry, getting the important things and going to the last photo shoots, hehe! I must say that I think that this could be the last big one that I had with my baby girl inside, hehe! But I`m glad that we managed to do this!

I am very thankful for the photographer that she could catch these moments of us both and make me feel super comfortable! There was no pressure, it was easy going morning and I like photo shoots like this one.. If you have the chance to be in Latvia and you want to capture special moments then contact Krista Miltina and probably you will make a deal, hehe!

Enjoy this windy Tuesday and be with love!


Photos by Krista Miltina


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