Anniversary GETAWAY – Zanzibara

Hello my lovelies on this beautiful day! I really want to share out little getaway dream house where we stayed for a night on our 2 year wedding anniversary. The cutest spot where we have stayed in a while and I have to say – we are definitely coming back for more lazy days here!!


I will start with the location. It is located pretty close to the capital of Latvia which is Riga. It takes about 25-30 min to get here by car, the place is called ZANZIBARA. One of my followers actually advised me this place so I looked a bit deeper, checked out the location, the price and everything seemed perfect for the stay. The prices differ from the days when you want to stay, for example, we payed 27 eur for a night because we stayed in the beginning of the week. On the weekend it was 33 eur, if I remember correctly. So this is the tiny boathouse where we stayed for the night.

The interior was simple but cute. I really fell in love with the curtains and romantic atmosphere all together. There was not that much space but it was totally enough for us two. We left the car near the house so we did not have to bring all our stuff inside. All together we had four blankets and it was enough. The night was good but at one moment we got a bit chilly but as we had the extra blankets it was perfect! Oh, and the romantic lights was the thing that I really appreciated. They were located just when you come in above you head. We used them while watching movies, hehe.


All together they have 3 boathouses which are located pretty close to each other but that was not a problem for us. Outside the house there is this little terrace where you can have dinner or lunch. And again – cute, little lights, hehe! And those were on for the whole night which is cool if you need to go to WC during the night!


I had to take the advantage of this place and ask my husband to take as many photos as he could, hehe! Cool spot for a little meditation or coffee and magazine break. I could not get myself away from this porch!

We had a little friend too, the cat that enjoyed our company during the whole night and the next morning too. When we woke up and got out of the house the cat was sitting outside and waiting for us, hehe! I love animals so this was not a problem for me at all! The spot where I am sitting is safe and you can actually swim there if you feel like it. We did not want to swim but if it would be a totally hot day then I would probably jump in, he!


Kitty cat enjoying the view like us!


I think this is my favorite photo from all them that Nils took. It is a bit blurry but the light looks just too beautiful not to share. Yes, on this location they had a swing which was so sweet. I felt like going back to childhood days when all seemed easy and simple. Had to close my eyes, enjoy the lights of the evening sun and just be in the nature.

As this was our wedding anniversary I was not on my own there, hehe! This is my best hubby, my strong shoulder, my photographer, my handsome devil – MY EVERYTHING! We truly enjoyed the time here!



The day before when we arrived we said that the next morning we would like to have the BIG breakfast which cost us 8 eur which seemed like a normal price for breakfast that includes pancakes, fresh coffee, berries, juice and other goodies. It really tasted great and very fresh. We were sitting outside in the sun, enjoying the light wind and each others company! More mornings like this one!


After the breakfast we still had time as we had to check out at 12:00 am so we used this time to wander around the territory, to take more photos, to chill in the shade and see the cute little rabbits, hehe! And I have to mention that this place is children friendly as they have a playground for kids, swings, little ponds with slides and other cool things that children would enjoy!


I am very happy with the experience that we go here! Overall, a lovely place where you will definitely feel calm, relaxed and well served! Go and check this place out yourself, of course, if you have the chance!


Thank you Zanzibara for being here!

Photos by Nils Butēvics

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