Italy & Me

Ciao miei cari letttori or should I say hello my dear readers.. Holidays are gone and I am back in Latvia. Ready to share some shots from Italy, Monaco where my husband took some sweet photos.. I really had imagined this place just the way it looked and I could not think of leaving without taking some photos here.


Italy has a charm and there is no other way. Beautiful nature, the language and coffee. Oh yes, I really enjoyed their tiny cup of coffee on a day which was too perfect to live without one. On our way to find the best possible spot before we head to Monaco.


Narrow, little streets that are full of shops and cafes = my dream place, haha! Italy really reminds me of Spain where you can see so many sweet places. I know that I will be back!

Of course, Nils had to take some shots while we were waiting for the coffee and food. This was a cute little cafe in a town called Genova. Very lovely atmosphere and cool vibe.


I have to mention the weather. It was boiling hot and I was trying to survive during this heat. I thought that light colored clothes was the best option. I felt safe wearing this tee which says Guapa which in spanish means Beautiful, hehe! Another cool thing is to tuck in shirts in skirts, leggings, trousers, shorts and so on. That way you may feel super comfy and nothing will be too visible.


Just few hours later we arrived to Monaco. Stunning, little city which is located by the sea. A lot of boats are parked here, people are enjoying the weather and sitting in the local cafes. Weather is nice and you can not really feel the wind. This little path was pretty cool as it had a tiny amount of shade which I had to take advantage of, hehe.


I knew that my Converse sneakers will be the best possible choice to wear on this trip. we had to walk quite a lot so I wanted to feel as comfy as I could. At the end of the day I still felt my feet sore but it was nothing compared to other times when I had my slippers or sandals on.


Very cool views all the time. I was looking around like a child admiring every building. I thought that one day I would really like to spend few months here just enjoying the local food, the people and just the atmosphere.


Porch which was full of super massive boats.. We were wondering around and just checking how amazing they look. Also imagining how cool it would be to go from Monaco to Barcelona on one of those pretty sweet boats. Water was clear blue and super deep as we were walking around the porch.

IMG_6107.JPGThank you, Italy, for the nice weather, for the cool architecture and for everything you gave to us! We are definitely coming back for more as this was too short trip to see everything.


Photos by Nils Butēvics



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