On TIME with Daniel Wellington

Oh, my sweet Tuesday! I really like to be on time, at least I try to be most of the times, hehe. Since I could remember myself I have always been a watch lover but the first actual watch that I have ever owned I had when I was 20 years old for my high school graduation. I received it as a gift from my mom. As you may have noticed – today we will talk about the time, he!

I was quite pleased when the team of Daniel Wellington contacted me and offered me to pick one of their wrist watches because, in my opinion, they look classy and smart, just the way I like to be, hehe! Thumbs up for them for sending my hubby one as well. We do enjoy having these beauties on our wrists on a daily basis.


I guess it is time to talk about the actual product! I will start with my time saver.. As I have been a massive fan of rose gold I had to pick the watch in rose gold, how convenient, right? I checked out their page and I immediately spotted this beauty – smart, plain and very feminine. The name for this one is Classic Petite Melrose (28mm) I took the size 28mm as a standard size and it fits perfectly.


This baby has some cool features too, for example, that it is water resistant up to 3ATM. It is very easy to regulate the length from 150-200mm which is perfect for me.

Oh and the black one suits my husband so well. He is really digging this bad boy as it gives this important and smart look for him too. And the good thing is that he might try to be on time when wearing this one, hehe!


He picked Classic Black Sheffield (40mm). The size fits him perfectly. The black leather band looks brilliant and works lovely with all sorts of outfits which is important for men as they like to wear casual and comfy clothes too.


This one is water resistant as well as the rose gold one – up to 3ATM. You can regulate the length from 165-215mm. The strap is from genuine leather which means that it will last for a long time.

GUYS! And I have to tell you a secret – till the 15th of AUGUST using my code RITAGOROVECA you can get 15% DISCOUNT on any watch on website!


Photos by Nils Butēvics

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