The Three Of US

Looking through these photos I feel the power of that particular evening.. something very magical and special happened.. It was the first photo shoot of us three together, I know, baby is still inside but our little seed can hear things and we already love every second that we spend with him/her. Oh, and hi, guys! I hope this will be an interesting article for you to read! Enjoy! XXX


It is Saturday evening, I am sitting on the floor, looking through these pictures and thinking which ones should I post here so you all could see and maybe feel the vibe. As I am writing I am waiting for my love to return home from the long ride. It has been only four days since the last time we met but it feels like years.. During the pregnancy I have become more sensitive and needy. I have read that a lot of woman go through something like this and it is normal but sometimes I just sit and cry of the loneliness. Is that ok?

In the background I am listening to Michael Kiwanuka – Love & Hate (Check it out if you do not know what this is, something so beautiful) and as the music flows I feel something warm inside. Little seed keeps kicking and reminding of itself, reminding me that something so pure and beautiful soon will be with us and that we should cherish all the belly moments while we can. I am so grateful for this photo shoot as it was the first real time of us three together and I love every single shot. There is something about the woods that I love. Our wedding photos were taken in woods, our next photo shoot was in woods and now this. What could it mean?


Our little moment of laughter and enjoyment is real. We could lie like this for hours and just be silent, I think it is the best part of good relationship if you can be silent and listen to each others thoughts. I do not mind moments like this because really – how often you have something like this? A little picnic in the middle of the woods with your other half? For us it is not that often so when it happens we cherish every second of it.


As the evening was pretty nice, sunny and warm I decided to go for this white linen dress, simple hair style and red lips. In my opinion, red lips have something very feminine and so charming. I thought that it could be the best combo and a great way to match my husbands shirt, hehe. He wore his wedding outfit, which I thought was so cute and lovely. I think we created almost something like a little wedding photo shoot – white dress and his wool trousers. Have to mention, bare feet gave the final touch! Oh!




We love to be on the other side of the camera, okay, I love it more and Nils is always super supportive even if he does not feel like being a model. When I told him about this idea he really liked it and said yes straight away which I was a bit shocked about. Usually I have to tell him why this is important for me or that it would be so sweet to have such beautiful memories. Needless to say that he always agrees with me, hehe! The power of being a wife, eh?

These two somehow remind me of Angus & Julia Stone  – Chateau. How we feel and look in these two, the evening sun peeking through the trees, the feathery touch of his hands and little seed kicking inside. Magical feeling!


This is me. This is me almost six months pregnant. Me in the woods. Me in the woods with a white, linen dress and bare feet. Taking the time to enjoy the silent moment. Evenings like this one make me so happy, I do not need a lot – just a little bit of sun and good vibes. This is what I have to say about this one.


And there is my handsome devil, hehe! Pure joy looking at his face. My best half. My other half. My hubby. My back. Soon to be papa. I feel blessed to have this amazing, young man besides me. I could not see my life without him. Thank you for being only mine!








Massive thanks to the lovely photographer who wanted to capture us in this mystical forest.

Photos by Sintija Lejniece

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