Hi, my dearest readers.. This is me, Rita. Back again..

I hope that all of you are feeling well, Spring is treating you the way you imagined and yo are ready to get inspired by the upcoming Summer. I feel super motivated this Spring and as closer the Summer feels as more excited I feel. Summer has always had a big impact on my life, especially since I married the love of my life, August is my dearest month of Summer. I wanted to share some maybe unseen photos of the greatest day of my life with you all.. Love is what solves everything, right?

Rita Nils 13_08_2016_235.jpg

This day came so quick. I remember getting ready for the day, making all the invitations by ourselves, just me and my husband. Sitting on the wooden floors, cutting out the paper and sticking it down. It all seemed so special, I still remember those moments.. We should all be happy that we have such thing as MEMORY!

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I guess I would not change a thing about our wedding. Everything seemed perfect.. Even the weather. We were hoping for a sunny and warm day but it turned out to be a rainy and windy one. Of course, at the beginning I was shocked and stressed and my emotions were all over the place but then I remember talking with someone in the car while I was waiting for the ceremony. Can`t remember who I was talking to but the person said to me – rain is a good thing on wedding. It means that you will have a big family, with many children and loads of money, hehe. This seemed to calm me down and from that moment all of my nerves were calm as a river!

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I loved having all of our closest family members and friends with us. It was a truly special day for us, as I imagine it is for everyone. I remember seeing my mum cry almost at every second. I hugged her and said “Mum, don`t cry, everything is okay” and then she replied “These are tears of joy and pure happiness, I am crying because I love you both so much”. My mum is one special woman and she has a big space in my little heart. She has always been there for me and I adore her for that.

Rita Nils 13_08_2016_285

Of course, the venue was lovely. I really enjoyed the food, everything was super delicious, guests would come up and say how tasty everything was, it was so lovely to hear good words. I was a bit worried how everything will be, if the food and drinks will be enough for everyone and how the waitresses will work. It was perfect! I loved every minute of that evening.

The little getaway that we had was lovely too. W were surprised when we saw some of our friends waiting for us. We had some tasks to do, hehe. To prove them that we are ready to be man and wife. I think we nailed it!

Rita Nils 13_08_2016_331

And, of course, the dance. We were practicing the dance for a month, I think. We had a special lessons where the teacher taught us this dance with closed eyes. It was very special and intimate moment. I remember how fast my heart was beating, how nervous  was as every guest was watching us dance. My favorite dance at all times!

I guess I have to end this post with my MR HUSBAND. I have married the man of my dreams. He is kind, he is smart, he has a humor, he has a good taste in music and style, he knows how to treat me right and when to be with me. He knows when to leave on my own, he knows when to give me a strong hug and tell me “Everything is going to be all right”! This list could go on and on! I am beyond happy! Glad that I have thousands of years to spend only with him!

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Photos by Uģis Brālēns



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