Cyprus In My Heart

Buenas dias, guys! I know that I have been away for so long but I have a reason, as always, hehe. I have been so busy with filming videos for my channel, going to meetings and just recently I returned from my holidays. I feel relaxed and full of new ideas. Of course, I have to share my holiday feelings with you all so make a cup of tea, sit down and read the thing, hehe! Enjoy!


So the first place where we went was the Curium /Kourion/. Very beautiful and old place which was an important ancient city-state on the southern coast of Cyprus. While walking around this ancient place I was feeling like I was in an old movie where archaeologists are trying to find something old. The feeling was incredible because it was my first time visiting such mystical place. We walked a lot, which I really enjoyed as I am a walker. The entrance for this place was 4,50 eur and we spent like two hours there just walking, taking photos, reading and admiring the place. Very happy that my husbands cousin took us there and showed us around!



So the Petra tou Romiou/Birth place of Aphrodite/ was our next stop where just two of us went. We had to walk on the rocky beach to meet the amazing rock and it was not that bad, few people where actually swimming and sunbathing there too, hehe. But let`s talk about the rock. Once I saw it I fell in love. I felt a magical feeling towards the big rock, maybe The Aphrodite felt me, I do not really know, hehe. And they say that you have to swim around the rock three times and it will bring you blessings, youth and beauty, good luck, fertility and true love. I have to say – that sounds so sweet! And I have to mention that we did not swim around, hehe. Did we feel too lucky? The water just seemed too cold, instead we had an expensive ice cream at a local tourist place. We payed 9 euros for two ice creams, crazy, right?

Yes, yes, yes – of course, we went to few beaches and we think that this is one of the most beautiful beaches that we have ever seen – Konnos Beach which is located near Agia Napa. Once we saw this place we were stunned. The water is so blue and clear, you can see everything in there, it makes you fall in love again and again. The water was pretty chilly on the first day but when we went there again on another day it was pretty good. Also we visited Sea Caves which were super close to the beach. For the first time in my life I saw such big caves. I was walking around there and thinking to myself – is this for real? Am I really here? Truly incredible place where to go!


Limassols Salt Lake was the perfect destination! We saw this place on the internet a while ago and my husband remembered that it was located in Cyprus. Of course, we had to take the advantage and go there to see this stunning place with our own eyes. It was green and blue, it was drying out because of the sun (and it is not summer yet, hehe). Oh, and flamingos live there, we saw few but they were more further in the water. We spotted some pink feathers, hehe.


And then we visited some old towns which were so lovely and cute. This particular one is called Omodos. I spotted this town on Pinterest when I was searching places to check out in Cyprus. Narrow streets, tiny shops, cute taverns where to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. Just amazing! I loved wandering around these streets and I said to my husband that I could actually imagine myself living there. Everything is so beautiful – the buildings are white with blue or green windows, how cool is that?

Yet another beautiful town is called Lefkara which was recommended by my husbands cousin. I think that this is my favorite place. If I thought that streets of Omodos where cute, tiny and narrow then I did not know what I was talking about. When we started to walk around Lefkara my mouth was hanging open. We barely saw any people on the streets. It was quiet and cool town. I saw many houses in pastel tones (I adored them), a lot of blooming flowers in different colors and beautiful landscapes. Lefkara left me breathing heavily, he!






Overall what I think about Cyprus! This was our first time visiting this country and we can not wait to go back. Everything was beautiful about that place – nature, food, water, people and mooore! I am always so excited about going to new destinations and this was not any different!

Thank you, Cyprus, for making me feel this way! We will see you soon!


Photos by Nils Butēvics


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