Is Winter Here For Good?



Woah, guys! It has been freezing as hell the last couple of days! We went to the city of wind, which is Liepāja, and it was pretty cold there too despite the fact that usually it is much warmer if the place is located closer to the sea, well, not this time thou!


I will be honest – I saw a picture on Instagram which was taken in this spot and I was so over the moon and I needed one too. I was pretty hyped that it was taken in Liepāja because we were planning to go there for a long weekend. Of course, we had to make a little stop and take a few photos (it was still freezing cold outside but this is what you do for the sake of photos, hehe).

The interesting fact is that this place is on a lake and during summer time you would not be able to walk there and take such nice photos (only if you have a boat). As it is really cold the lake is frozen and you can easily walk on it (not saying that it is the best idea) because the ice is pretty thick. At the first moment I felt little bit weird because I am not a fan of doing such crazy things, hehe, but I got used to it and it was fine.


This might be one of the most beautiful places that I have visited during winter time. Usually everything looks so grey and depressive but this particular day sun was so bright, skies were blue with some clouds and we had such good feelings. I really enjoted the walk! During the cold walk I had wrapped myself up in a big scarf, beanie and gloves = the best feeling in the world, he! Especially, after taking photos “almost naked”.




Photos by Nils Butēvics

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