Every DAY/NIGHT Face Ritual

Hi on this cloudy Thursday! As the weather is being all over the place and my face is feeling quite rough I thought that I should write an article about the way that I treat my face, what products I use and why. Want to know? Stay here and read more!


The first time when I tried beauty/skincare products from L`Occitane was a year ago. I had the chance to receive a little goodie bag which contained basically everything for the every day skincare ritual – cleanser, micelar water, oil, moisturizing cream and even a hand cream. I was very hyped to try everything as this was my first time with their products.

I have tried many, many products from their line but my favorite is the IMORTELLE line which is absolutely amazing. It leaves my skin with the perfect touch.


  • I start my ritual by taking of my make-up if I am wearing any, for that I use IMORTELLE Oil Make-Up Remover or if I am not wearing any make-up then I like to wash my face with cold tap water. (Did you know that cold water makes your skin stay longer looking young&fresh?)


  • Then I take my IMORTELLE Intense Cleansing Foam and wash my face with it. Usually I use either one or two pumps and that is more than enough to wash all my face and neck. When the washing is done I take clean, soft towel and wipe my face. I have heard that it is better to use a tissue but I find it too hard because the tissue pieces often get stuck on my face and I have to wash it again. (The towel I use for 4x and then I wash it in the machine)


  • Next step –> I take the IMORTELLE Essential Water and one cotton pad to wipe my face and neck. I go very light all over the face because the skin on our faces is thin so I like to take care of it when using cotton pads. When I have finished with that I let me skin dry.


  • The last step is to apply the cream. For this one I like to use Shea Light Comforting cream which is lovely and has a thick consistency that I love especially during the cold and windy season.


I have to say that all of these products have an amazing scent. They smell fresh, sweet and natural. I like that it is so easy to work with them and it doesn`t take too much time in the mornings/evenings. Simple and lovable ritual for every day! I am truly amazed by this brand. They use more than 200 botanic ingredients to produce the products and a quarter of these have been certified as organic, which I like. Basically, I would advise you to try some of these and see how beautifully they work on the skin!


Let`s glow together!


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