White, Navy & Black


Oh! Hello first post of 2018! This year has started good for me.. I feel happy, I feel ready to do things and super-super ready to start posting every week. I have few things in my mind what I want to do with my blog but you will see that in the future. Stay tuned!


IMG_4196I have to start by telling you guys that today was extremely cold, hehe! In a long time we haven`t had, here in Latvia, minus degrees outside but finally it seems like the Winter has arrived! Woohoo! Love looking outside and seeing white snowflakes falling down from the skies, he!

For the winter outfits I like to pick something that I feel comfortable in (as for all seasons, hehe), something that maybe stands out a bit and looks just a little bit like from Paris. I love Paris so this is the outfit that reminds me of that place. Combining white, navy and black is the best choice! I have fallen in love with colors (again) and I am happy to admit that! Black is still the best color to go for when you don`t have anything else to wear but we must put colors in our lives..

Little accessories are a must have! I love to take my purse from River Island, black scarf from H&M, earrings from Caramelles and sunnies also from H&M. For me this is what completed the whole look! Less is more.. that`s the rule guys!




Photos by Nils Butēvics

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