Plant Lover


Oh, hey! It`s me, here in the Botanic garden, surrounded by so many green and beautiful plants. So, today we are going to talk just a little bit about my passion for plants, what they mean to me and what good they are for us.

It all started pretty recently, I might be lying ,but I think it started about the same time just one year ago. Two of our friends gave us a gift – green and beautiful plant which we adore. Since that day I have been feeling more positive and happy about my apartment – it seems more alive. Is that the green color or the plant itself? I don`t know but I love it!


Visiting Botanic garden was a good idea because finally I could wander around big fields and houses that are full of something real and beautiful. The smell, the look, the positive vibes that plants spread are just amazing. This was my place, of course, we had to take some photos here too, hehe. Me, enjoying the lovely walk through the green planetarium.


*Plants can help to fight with cold

*Plants can stop your headache

*Plants can make you happy

*Plants can improve your sleep

*Plants can make your brain work better



From the moment when that little plant came into our house I have been obsessed with new plants, pots and growing stuff. Needless to mention, green has always been my favorite color, even for my bachelorette party, all my girls where dressed up in green colored clothes.. I felt blessed.


I`m already thinking of buying more plants for my house because I feel like having more. More to decorate the house, more to make us happy, more to bring more green into our cosy, little space between love and good movies, hehe.

Let`s cherish our Mother Nature!

Photos by Nils Butēvics

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