Relationship? Couple goals? Life?


Hello on this rainy Wednesday. Today I have prepared something quite personal and true. I have always been true with you all but this time it is different. If you feel like staying here and reading about my relationship, about the goals that we all want to achieve then this is the place for you.

This is us – husband and wife, Nils and Rita. We have been together for almost eight years now and married for one. People always tend to say that we are COUPLE GOALS, we are that couple  – when you look at them everything is perfect, their life, their relationship, the way they live, the way they act around each other and so on, I could write a list on the things that people say to and about us.. I truly appreciate every single thing that I have heard about us, when I hear something sweet like that I blush and don`t know what to say.


I love my husband to the moon and more, I know that this may sound cheesy but this is how I feel. I could do everything for him, I mean EVERYTHING! I feel like we were match made in Heaven but overall that, we do argue, we do fight, I do cry sometimes and that is the life. The real life. People like to think that we never fight but we don`t live in this perfect, little bubble in which all the colors are smooth and warm. I am not so sure that I would even like to have a life like that. I feel that this one that we are living makes us more like humans, we know how to control ourselves when we hit the lowest of the lowest, we can argue and then know how to stop, we can love and cherish each other no matter what.


Maybe some of you don`t know but we are not together 24/7. During the week he is away in the countryside and I am here, in the city. We are apart most of the time and we meet only on the weekends. During this time we have to learn soooo much. We have to learn how to live like this, we have to be patient with things and we know that they will change eventually (TBH, this is the deal braker for me, I am still learning this every day of my life), learn how to cherish those moments when we are actually together.. this list is long guys, believe me. I try to be patient, I try not to argue but somehow and sometimes it comes out of me. I get angry and sad and depressed because I need him to be here with me, I need the time that we can eat dinner together after a long day, that we can watch our favorite TV series together wrapped up in a cosy blanket. I know that this will happen, I just have to be patient but sometimes it just feels like it will never happen. But when we get together we are like on a different planet. We try to spend as much time together as we can. Go for a walk, go to cinema, exercise together, cook and clean together. Do normal life things together that usually we do separately. And it feels good to have a team mate, it feels amazing!


Lately we have been talking to each other about the things that we have to change in order to be more happy and more understandable with each other because sometimes we, people, can be so egoistic, so we have to change… We have learned that talking is the best medicine, we just sit there and talk, talk about the good things, about the bad ones. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn`t but the fact that we try is the most important one. I know that we are strong as a couple and we are strong as individuals and it must stay this way.


This photoshoot was something that we really needed. Those moments when you look into each others eyes and see true themselves. You feel his heartbeat, you feel the little trembles that his body has, you feel how nervous he is because this is so intimate, this is how I feel about couple photos. I loved every second of this photoshoot. We felt free, we felt like ourselves, we felt like there is no limit – we can achieve and do whatever we want! I love that my husband is open for things, open to try something new, open to be there with me.. I feel happy that I have someone like him for the rest of my life.

I think that taking photos and just being there with your sweetheart can make things work. You learn how to trust each other, you have fun that maybe you don’t have during the week when you both are busy working and doing other things. This truly opens your eyes, well it did for me. On the way home after this beautiful event we both felt so energized, even more in love than we were before. We enjoyed each others company and knew that this will work out.


And we always try to have this perfect relationship where everything is perfect. Where you have the perfect marriage, the perfect life with the perfect house and kids. I think that we should try to stop reaching for that but to be here on this earth and work on the things that you can. Try to be honest and true to yourself and your partner, be there with him or her when they need it the most. Couple goals is such a strong word and for each of us it represents something different. We all should figure out what it means for yourself as a individual and then see if that is what you want.. We shouldn’t punish ourselves for small stupid things, for example, someone didn’t clean the stove or didn’t take out the rubbish. We can try to find something funny about those little things and make a joke about it because then life will be easier.


I love you, my dear husband. I am thankful for the day that I met you, I am happy that we always try to work things out, I am proud of who you are, I am honoured to be your wife. Love you!

Massive thanks to the amazing photographer who made this come true. Who knew how to capture us and how to be there with us – Annija Ence




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