Celebration time


Good morning, maybe even good evening to you all! Ah, special celebration days are the best, this was one of them when I felt like dressing up and treating myself with positive vibes.

My husband and I brought my mum to this pretty place to have a sweet lunch. The reason for that was my mums birthday. The time that we spent there was lovely and we enjoyed every minute of it. As a matter of fact, I had to take the advantage of the place and ask my photographer – my husband – to shoot some shots for me, hehe.

About dressing up. I truly love to experiment and mix different kid of outfits and looks together. I feel like we shouldn`t be afraid to try new things. We should try and see how they work, this is the only way to learn. This particular day I felt like putting together my denim jacket and the silver look skirt. I felt comfy, stylish and sweet wearing this together.


It is so important to teach ourselves new things. I know that black is beautiful, so is grey and white but we should be more open about experimenting with new patterns, new styles and looks. This is how I feel and I teach this to myself every season, hehe. Because sometimes I might be stuck in one period and be scared to crawl out.


I would like to end this on a note that we all are unique, we are brilliant, we are special and we should treat ourselves this way! Today is Sunday, well it is here in Latvia. If you are planning to go out, put on your favorite outfit, your all time go lipstick and just go out there and rock the world!


Photos by Nils Butēvics


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