Is black the most beautiful color?



Hi my dear readers.. As it is a cloudy and rainy day today I would love to share something light, beautiful and friendly. Let`s be honest – black is the most charming color and it can make such miserable day to be the best one out of the whole week.


A while ago we went on this spontaneous trip to a botanic garden which is located outside of Riga. It turned out to be a fun day with my husband and one of my best friends. Need to mention that botanic garden is THE place to catch good photos.


Let`s just have a little chat about dressing up game and coloring your day. I have always enjoyed the presence of black color but recently I have found a way to be in love with this tone. It makes me happy, it makes me feel beautiful and strong. As you can see, both of us enjoy black and is it a bad thing? I think that black color somehow makes you shine ever more..


And let me just quote one of my favorite quotes..

“She wears all black just like her soul yet her heart is made of gold” 

Beautiful place where to wonder around, to see the beautiful side of nature, to find yourself, just to be free from everything that makes you miserable. I have figured that nature has this strong power that always takes me back on track. It doesn`t matter what the season is but it has to be something related to trees, birds, plants and so on..  Nature is my happy place and that day I fulfilled myself again. Thank you Mother Nature.

I love You!

Photos by Nils Butēvics


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