Probably the best backpack



Hello, my lovelies! I was lost again but, to be honest, I love to get lost and then to be found..

For now – I am back with you all. And for todays post I have prepared something very pretty and comfy, hehe! This is my favorite backpack and it comes from a brand called  – This must be the comfiest bag that I have ever owned, maybe because of the material and form it is comfy, spacious and pretty.

I love the fact that from every single bag that has been sold 1,50$ goes to a charity – Supporting Frank Water, which I find amazing! I feel blessed to have something so special in my arms knowing that people are thinking globally about others! We can do this TOGETHER!


Another cool thing is that you can have your own initials embroidered and they offer 3 colors (black, grey and white). I chose to have JarOfSweeets (JOS) embroidered with grey threads. Feels sweet to have my own bag with my own initials, to be honest, feels special.


Feel free to check out their website and Instagram as well as their FaceBook page.

Photos by NilsButēvics

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