New beginning

Hello, my dear reader,

Every day comes with a new idea and new beginning. For me this is a huge step forward. I have been using the old blog platform for so long now and finally I can say that I am ready for the new future. If you have done something completely out of your comfort zone, then you know what I am talking about.

Well, let`s get to todays post! Pretty recently, just a week ago, I returned home from Spain, Barcelona where I was spending the last four months of my life. Finally I am back home and ready for some real work – new photos, new posts, new me, new life! Excited not to say more!

Okaaay! This day was amazing! We were celebrating the birthday of my father in law, who, by the way, is one cool man! After this pretty tasty brunch that we had my cool and talented husband took few photos of me just around the corner. So here they are, feel free to judge, hehe! Simple, comfy but yet stylish outfit, I would say. Stripes always work, what do you think? I love to mix denim with simple patterns, like stripes, dots or patches.

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