SchmuckPeace Jewelry

Hello, readers! Oh, another post from me to you all, hehe! I love writing new articles and this is not an exception!
A while ago I received a little parcel from this amazing brand SchmuckPeace that comes from Hamburg. Every peace is hand crafted and is made just for you. I like the fact that these beautiful pieces contain a gold or silver.
​Very feminine, girly and pretty things to wear on a regular basis or to an important event. I am totally in love with my three beauties, heh!

I chose these
Ring –
Necklace –
Bangle –


As I was checking their website I read something very lovely – /We love gold & silver, copper & brass, gemstones, cotton, leather & silk. We do not believe in separating these wonderfully diverse materials – but love to combine just everything with each other!/ – This is what I truly like that they are using all kinds of materials and mixing them together to create something as beautiful as these ones!

Check out their website to find something pretty for yourself!

What kind of jewelry you like to wear?


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