The lady of pink

Hello, my lovelies!
I am here with a brand new post! New post, new photos, new me! Hehe!


It has been almost a week since I am here in Barcelona and I am loving it. Finally I am in the place that I love and I feel like myself. New spot means new hair, hehe!
Easy hair is quite trendy look but I was going for it because I felt like doing something crazy.. and, of course, let`s be honest – blond hair sometimes need a cut.
This was an amazing day with my best friend which is my husband! He is amazing and he is sooo talented, sorry for bragging, heh!
And as a matter of fact I felt quite Springy so I went for this pink/black look which saved my day.

Has Spring started in your country?


/Jumper – MTWTFSS WEEKDAY, Trousers – Mango, Shoes – Nike, Sunnies – H&M, Bag – OBag, Coat – made by me/

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