Dove – Nourishing secrets

Oh my! I can`t believe that June is already here! Where has May and April gone? Oh well, what can we do – life is life and time runs fast, let`s enjoy what we have today!
​Anyway, Hi, my lovely readers!​I was so happy to receive this pretty parcel from Dove. The nice thing was that there was an actual avocado and a letter inside the parcel! I am over the moon!
It is time for me to introduce you all to the new Dove products – Nourishing Secrets. I love to take care of my body but, to be honest, sometimes I am a bit lazy and I don`t feel like using too much of a body cream or a lotion but I still try to do it at least 3 times a week! Especially here in Spain because my skin feels dry and it needs to be moisturized!

All of these products smell amazing, for example, the shower gel with the scent of avocado or the glowing ritual body lotion with the scent of lotus flower, they smell so fresh and calming! Oh!

​But my favorites are the restoring ritual body cream which smells adorable. The scent is so pure and calming – coconut oil and almond milk. It is so good that coconuts can be used in such different ways – for body lotion, make-up remover, hair mask and even cooking! I love coconuts and I love almonds so this is the perfect combination! After sunbathing I love to treat my skin with this one!
And the other one is the invigorating ritual body lotion. The texture is smooth and the feeling when I have this on my skin is beautiful. Using this one every day after taking a shower and I can see the difference of the skin – it feels pretty gentle and no more dry patches!

I really like the fact that all of these products come in such big size because they can last a pretty long time.
So, as summer is here and sun is out almost every day I can feel safe and sounds because my body will be well fed! Thank you, Dove for this cool experience!


​Have you ever tried any products from Dove? If you have then which ones and what did you like about them?


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