Comfortable, free and active

Hello, on the 14th of June!
​We are halfway through June, folks! Let`s enjoy it while we can!

​The most important thing for me is to feel comfortable and free in the clothes that I am wearing. Not always I dress smart and sexy, I suppose it depends of my mood and place where I am going.

As me and my husband were walking around the town I wanted to feel okay in my skin as we had to take quite a lot of stairs, go through a little hike and a bit of a photoshoot too, hehe!
For this particular day  chose to wear my white high-waist denim short with a simple Vans t-shirt and some sneakers. The only thing that I had to add was the sunglasses. Simple but yet cool look, I would say!

​Less is more and I think this outfit represents the saying!

​What is your comfy, free and active outfit?


/Top – Vans, Shorts – Denim Republic, Sneakers – H&M, Sunglasses – H&M/

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